Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the clay tile project i decided to do a stingray because i thought it was going to look cool on my final product, in my scetch book i drew this stingray so that it was going to look alot like the stingray i wanted it to look like when i made the clay version of it.When i strated to make the clay part of the project i made three parts of the stingray, the wing on top, the body, and the back wing. After all of the pieces were made i combined them with the wet clay and a molding tool, then i made the coral and the sea weed, with the sea weed there was this tool that looked like a grown up version for playdough that made little spegetti string so i had the i idea of making it the sea weed. For the painting part of the project i just started witht the background painting it all blue, then after it dries i did the background doing a light blue for the ocean. The stingray i mixed silver with blue and made a glossy color, and with the coral i mixed green with bonze and alittle orange.