art 2 final portfolio.

1. The project that was the most successful for this whole class was probably the Orange project I forgot the name of the project but it was the one that I liked a lot. The theme was " up close and personal" so we had to draw or paint something that was very close, so that meant showing a lot of detail. The process that i went through to decide on what i was going to draw, i just listed down things that were easy to draw so i thought of fruit and when i was doing my thumbnails i was drawing all kinds of fruits, and i liked the orange cause i thought it would look good. I went to Mrs. Rossi to see how i was going to color this orange that i drew. What i did was i got orange, red, white, and tan colored pencils and overlapped to show highlights and tints, what i did to make the form of the orange i rounded the pencil for value on the piece.

2. The Mixed Media project was one of the projects that i overcame, because i could not think of what i was going to do, and also i didn't understand the project itself. But then i looked over the theme and the topics and i understood that i had to find something that was connected to other things,so i decided to do animals. One other obstacle that i had with this project was trying to find animals in all the National Geographic magazines because i couldn't find any at all. After 10 magazines i finally found all the animals that i needed to fill the entire canvas. Another challenge that i faced was trying to find a color to put as a background because the colored paper that i put down was not looking good with all my pictures, then i just was looking through all the paints to see what would look good or at least okay with my pictures. This made me a better artist by improvising on projects. 

3. The Sticky Situation and Book Project where the two projects that i showed growth in as an artist. The Sticky Situation project was one that i did well with the application of materials by using the paints to mix together and create the asteroids fire thing. I think that this project was really good with the subject matter because the rocks falling toward earth was a pretty good idea for sticky situation. My artistic vision isn't really the best cause when in did the sticky situation project it didn't really turned out what I really hoped for. my asteroids weren't all that good and how The second project that i picked for this question was the last project which is the Book project. My techniques for this project was just layering out the things that i needed on the project like the UFO and the moon,and instead of coloring the grass green with markers i added actual grass from. Thexacto knife helped a lot on this project I mean you wouldn't have done anything with out it. Intuition for the book project was pretty straight forward because all you had to do was cut out what you had drawn on your paper and then cut it out with the Xacto knife, so I got it pretty well. It was probably the most fun project in the entire year.

4. I thought that the choosing the topic on what the project, was a pretty good idea but some people like me don't have a very great imagination and couldn't think of anything to do for a project, for example the " What's the point'' project was the most confusing art project of the entire semester. The fact was I was thinking to hard on what the project was really all about and I was just listing pointless things that had nothing to do with the project. With the materials that we used with all the projects I thought that I did really good with using them and how to use them. On the "Up close and personal" I used the colored pencils really well with coloring in the Orange. Just using the white with all the other colors to make the highlights and have some value with the project.

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