Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cut out book

1. One if the prompts where science or something like that so I decided to do a UFO.
2. It was very Impotant because you had to figure out how thick your layers were going to be, how you were going to cut out the figures etc.  
3. One of the challenges I faced with this project was getting the frame cuts to be even because when I started cutting it was getting uneven, I managed to get three of the four sides pretty straight just by going back and recutting them. 
4. The design i had in mind was having the UFO to abduct a cow but it would be to hard too to cut it out.
5. One of the risk was seeing if the grass would look good with the peice, It happened to look ok. 
6. I though this project over all was pretty good it was one of the better projects that I did all year. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mixed Media

1. I don't really think I shower amusement in this project bit more variety by putting down different types if animals, and that's how I unified it. 
2. I think my experience with mixed media was aright I didn't really get it at first. I used gel medium to glue down all the pictures and did a blue back ground with just acrylic paint. 
3. Nothing really.  
4. Just comming up with the idea on what to do was a challenge. But once I just flipped through the national geographic magazines I got the idea about animals. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Self portrait

1. I chose me and Bens baby pic and we attepmted to combine it together. 
2. For are material that we used for this project we used bottle caps, it didnt really go out tebway we planned it because we didnt have enough.
3. The challenges that we faced was actully trying to make the face that we photoshoped. 
4. No not really. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1. some of my solutions for what's the point are arrows, and pencils.
2. I chose the arrows because it fitted the subject perfectly, because its pointing in all directions.
3. I used chalk to show the contrast showing the lights and darks.
4. chalk because I thought it worked well with my practice drawings so I decided to use it.
5. some stipling and just using the chalk to show the darks and use my fingers to rub in the chalk to make it dark to light, to show the highlights.
1. its a sticky situation because there are astroids about to crash into Earth.
2. i didint really think outside the box on this one i just thought of something that isnt a good situation.
3. i incorperatied repation with the astroids and the yellow stars.
4. i used acrylic because i thought it waould be easier for the whole project, and water color for the coulds on the earth.
5. not really.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1. I choose the orange because my other idea was doing a football helmet then i realized how hard that was going to be so i did something easy, that i could make very well.
2. I showed a lot of emphasis by using a lot of bright colors with a black background and a purple plate then i can show how bright it really is. 
3. The medium i used for my project was using the colored pencils and layering all of the oranges together to make the shades and the highlights, i tried not to use a lot of black for the shades because that would be too much. I choose this over the pastels and chalk because it would look nicer with the colored pencils, and i think chalk and pastels are too messy.
4.  No not really because i didn't really do anything that was a risk i just did what i practiced with my first sketch and stuck with it. 
5. Medium and Technique. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

For the clay tile project i decided to do a stingray because i thought it was going to look cool on my final product, in my scetch book i drew this stingray so that it was going to look alot like the stingray i wanted it to look like when i made the clay version of it.When i strated to make the clay part of the project i made three parts of the stingray, the wing on top, the body, and the back wing. After all of the pieces were made i combined them with the wet clay and a molding tool, then i made the coral and the sea weed, with the sea weed there was this tool that looked like a grown up version for playdough that made little spegetti string so i had the i idea of making it the sea weed. For the painting part of the project i just started witht the background painting it all blue, then after it dries i did the background doing a light blue for the ocean. The stingray i mixed silver with blue and made a glossy color, and with the coral i mixed green with bonze and alittle orange.