I think that the Clay Tile project was the one that I liked the most out of all of the projects that we have done this whole year. The reason why is I did a good job on making the stingray look like the one that I made on my scetch book, except for one thing which was the seaweed were there was suppose to be a anemone. What I liked the most out of the tile was painting and the paint on the animal. What I did was, I made it look like it was shinning, a metalic color, what I did was I mixed dark blue with silver to make the skin of the stingray. Overall I did a really good job on the piece.

What made me improve on on drawing in general, and grow was probably the Spongebob skeleton drawing. How I developed the most is becasue at first I didnt do a good job at drawing skeletons, we would draw random bones in our scetch book and it looked like something a 5th grader could have drawn. but after all the repetition of drawing I actully got pretty good at it. We would draw the skeleton in theclass room and we would draw bones on that were on it. I think that is how I got really good at drawing and making skeletons.

The landscape painting was one of the projects that helped me alot with the Clay tile project, becasue with all the mixing of the paints. So we took three pictures a front ground, middle ground, and a back ground and we used thoose pictures to make the final picture. With the tecnique of mixing a blending colors together I was able to make the color of the ocean and the dark part of the ocean which was my back ground. Without these skills I wouldent be able to make the Clay tile project.

The print project I thought the most pointless project that I ever did. I absulutly hated this project becasue the animal that I did was an ardvark, and I screwed up intirely people dosent know what it was until I told them it was an ardvark. I dont think this project even tought me anything it just tought me that i suck at printing animals so that is why I think it was the most pointless project ever, and Mr. Sands shouldent do it ever again.

The project that that reflects me as an artist was probably the Clat Tile. I think it was the one that i did the best out of all the other ones, and something that actully do without it looking like garbage. I think taht it was something that I can do right and enjoy doing. Painting and mixing colors were probably the best part of the project because I like how they all come together and how they look like, and what I like doing best was drawing the stingray, I've always like drawing sea animals so that was a good choioce of drawing a stingray.

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