Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1. I choose the orange because my other idea was doing a football helmet then i realized how hard that was going to be so i did something easy, that i could make very well.
2. I showed a lot of emphasis by using a lot of bright colors with a black background and a purple plate then i can show how bright it really is. 
3. The medium i used for my project was using the colored pencils and layering all of the oranges together to make the shades and the highlights, i tried not to use a lot of black for the shades because that would be too much. I choose this over the pastels and chalk because it would look nicer with the colored pencils, and i think chalk and pastels are too messy.
4.  No not really because i didn't really do anything that was a risk i just did what i practiced with my first sketch and stuck with it. 
5. Medium and Technique. 

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